Settle Between Front-Wheel and Rear-Wheel Drive

Front-wheel and Rear-wheel drive are terms related to the drivetrain of your vehicle. Front-wheel or rear-wheel drive pertains to the arrangement of your wheels and engine. With RWD, you get more push from the rear end of the vehicle, which is important for racing and muscle cars. However, FWD is more fuel-efficient. While it may not pack a lot of power like RWD, it's better for the car in the long-run.

There are also new drivetrains like All-wheel drive and xDrive. AWD isn't exactly new, but it's been making its way into sports muscle cars, which were almost exclusively RWD. With xDrive formations, you can also pick the drivetrain, allowing you to go from fuel efficient to the turbo. AWD is also important for those living in snowy and icy road conditions.

If you have a question about drivetrains, then you should talk to our team at Mossy Ford in San Diego, CA about some of the latest models.



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