The All-New Ford C-Max and a Few Smart Features

The minute that Mossy Ford Pacific Beach took delivery of the Ford C-MAX, we knew this popular compact hybrid was going to sell quickly. Here are some of the smart features that have motorists in this region excited to buy a new vehicle.

One of the smart features that helps to improve your visibility when driving in reverse is the rear back-up camera system. To activate, simply shift into reverse to see the information screen in the center console become the camera. Now you'll be able to navigate around moving and stationary objects easily as you're driving in reverse.

The Enhanced Active Park Assist feature in the Ford C-Max is to help you not only find the right size parking space, but to park the vehicle for you too. Simply activate this feature when you want to park, it steers into place perfectly and only prompts you to brake, shift, and accelerate when needed.



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