Top Signs it's Time for an Alignment Check

Uneven wheel alignment can cause some pretty noticeable, and some not so noticeable, symptoms for your car. If on a smooth road you find your steering wheel vibrating like you're on gravel, or your car is starting to pull to the side of the road when you keep the wheel straight, then it's probably time. However, even without those symptoms, you can still notice uneven tread wear on your tires. Perfectly aligned tires will wear evenly, keeping your car safely on the road and fuel efficient.

In general, most manufacturers recommend getting your alignment checked at every oil change. However, most misalignments are caused by minor incidents like potholes or accidentally bumping into curbs while driving. If you're seeing any symptoms of the wheels being misaligned, then it's probably worth getting the wheel alignment checked out.

Save yourself a future headache and come down to our service center at Mossy Ford to have your alignment checked.

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