Problems with Handling? It Might Be Your Differential

Have you ever wondered how the energy from your engine makes the wheels on your car turn? If you've ever heard of a differential, that piece of equipment is a big part of it. The differential is a gearbox that transfers the energy from your engine to the wheels in the correct amounts, and, without this gearbox working properly, you can experience handling issues, or your vehicle might not move at all.

When the gears inside the differential aren't properly lubricated, they can become worn. As the gears become worn, your gearbox will eventually begin to experience problems.

If you're having handling problems, or your vehicle will not move, despite an engine that starts fine, you might be having problems with your differential. Come over to Mossy Ford and we'll take a look at it for you. We can also suggest ways that you can maintain your differential in the future, starting with a trip to 4570 Mission Bay Drive.

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