Ford 2020 Features Hybrids and Connectivity

The Ford Motor Company announced plans for the 2020 model year lineup of cars, trucks, and SUVs. The plans include an ambitious renewal of the Ford line with nearly 75 percent changeover in new models. The themes for 2020 are advanced technology and hybrid energy systems.

San Diego-area drivers can look forward to exciting innovations in vehicle connectivity. The 2020 line up of trucks will offer the advanced connectivity found in state of the art car and SUV systems. All vehicles will have electronic sensing to keep them on course, in lanes, and able to avoid collisions. Hybrid fuel systems will provide power from rechargeable batteries. Hybrids will reduce pollution and travel many miles between charges.

At Mossy Ford Pacific Beach, we share the excitement about the wave of new models, advanced safety systems, the latest connectivity technology, and hybrids. We look forward to demonstrating the state of the art 2020 Ford lineup.



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