Ford Fusion Energi

The Fusion Energi is a mid-sized sedan that’s going up against some tough competition in the form of other heavyweights.

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Ford Fusion Engine and Gas Specs

With the Fusion Energi, you’ll be able to enjoy driving in style and comfort with its fuel-efficient engine. The powerful 4L engine will keep things running smoothly on your daily commute as well! With plenty of options available for drivers looking into this car such as sport-utility, regular cab pickup, or sedans, there’s definitely something perfect waiting at Mossy Ford!

Ford Fusion Energi

The Ford Fusion Energi Titanium is an all-new battery-electric vehicle that can be powered by a 9 kWh pack in the trunk and go up to 26 miles on electricity before needing gas. It has a plug-in hybrid drivetrain which means you get better fuel economy than solely relying on only one type of power source. The base model starts at just over $34k with incentives applied. There’s only one option you can elect for, and that’s a power moonroof for an extra $1k but if luxury isn’t your thing then there are plenty of other options available too like paint colors.

Should you get one?

With an intriguing package of tech, comfort, and economy the Fusion Energi is a solid choice for commutes or family trips. With incentives like these on top of impending tariffs, it’s time to buy! The car might not have future plans at Ford but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider buying one now before they’re gone forever.